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                                                  Evang.C.DONALD ABRAHAM

Bro.C.Donald Abraham is the founder of the Miracle ofJesus Ministry. Born on August 30, 1966, he had a very tough life beingtorn by the ailments of poverty and agony of unemployment.

Unable to bear the agony of these problems, on April 20, 1986, When I’m am young I got attacked by pneumonia fever. I wasleft by the doctors without any hope. My whole family was keeping onshedding tears. We all prayed together. I took one vow to God: If I gothealed I’ll do the ministry of God in full time. God gave me fulldeliverance and on the same time I have committed my life to God to doHis ministry. His mind was transformed and he returned home enlightened.

After thisincident, things started happening in him supernaturally. There arosean unquenchable thirst in him to spend hours together poring over thelife-transforming pages of eternal Truth - The Bible, discoveringsecrets that could revolutionize human life. He spent hours talking toGod and sought Him with all his heart.

                             The High Calling


On April 22, 1986,he tarried at the feet of the Lord Jesus in prayer till midnight. TheLord opened His eyes and with a radiant face, addressed him with asmile: 

"My beloved son! I am Christ! Because you have been seeking me diligently, I have come seeking you myself, to bless you".

Yes! For three full hours he saw Lord Jesus face toface. The Lord gave His commission that has made his life a continualblessing to countless.

"Myson! People might have heard of my love, but they haven't tasted it.So, I pour my love and compassion in your heart! This love will consoletheir broken hearts and heal their diseased bodies. You will be witnessto the power of My Holy Spirit."

                                                                          The Power of Anointing

On September 1986, BRO.C.DONALDABRAHAM was anointed by the Holy Spirit. Since then, whenever hepreaches and prays at public meetings, he displays a rare power ofinterpreting different languages, and speaks the word of wisdom andknowledge.

During the prayer time at publicmeetings, guided by the Holy Spirit within Him, he calls out the namesof people who are in the crowd and exactly reveals their spiritual,mental, emotional and physical conditions.

In some meetings, he calls out afew people from the crowd and right before the huge crowd of over fourhundred thousands, and reveals their past, their present and foretellsthe future. People are amazed by the powerful acts of God.

Initially I did the track ministry. I use to go to villages and project the Jesus film and then preach the word of God.

            From 1990 in our city of Coimbatore every year I’m conducting the “Blessing & Miracle Festival” andcall leading speakers to deliver the word of God in those meetings. Ialso use to deliver the messages. Many thousands and thousands ofpeople have been blessed through this.

People use to call me to preach and prophesy the word of God in other churches, in many places of our country in the crusades.

            All Sundays evening’s Anointing service in one rented huge hall prayer meeting is going on and many people participate in that.      

            All months I’m conducting Full night prayer and so many number of people took part in that and getting blessings of God. 

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