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         I was born in a village called Elampillai, which is 18 Km away from the city of Salem. There was neither a single Christian family nor a church in this place. Even in my family background, there was not a single Christian. I was born as the 4th child to my father Ponnappa Chettiar who belonged to a staunch Hindu family and was brought up in their religious rights and rituals.


      My father was a successful weaver/businessman who kept up the family business tradition for years together and had acquired lots of wealth like houses, gardens, lands, gold Jewels, silver vessels etc., and our family was one of the richest families of our village. My father was a great patriot and a follower of the great leader Kamaraj and had been in the leadership of the Congress Committee, and hence had the opportunity to help many poor people.


     My father, who was very religious, was also a very good singer of ‘bajans’. He almost mastered the art of Karnatic music and playing of ‘Tabla’. He kept going to all the Perumal temples on Saturdays and to Murugan temples o Mondays in and around the village, played the instrument and sang bajans, from 9p.m to 4a.m in the morning. During the special religious festivals, it was the duty of our family to decorate the idol at the Perumal temple and take it around the village in a procession, performing Poojas all the way. I was brought up in such a religious family.


   From my childhood, I had a great faith in god and an unquenchable thirst to please them. I used to apply Viputhi (Which the Hindus call it very sacred) on my forehead and also keep a Pottu of Kumkum. I also had the sacred thread around my chest. I was of the opinion that taking liquor, smoking and chewing of betel leaves were all evil sins against my gods and so, I kept myself away from them. I was even very cautious not to speak a bad word for I thought it was a sin. So I lived a pure and righteous life.

    Before I was 18, I had learnt Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Kandapuranam, Bhavat Gita, Kandar Sasti Kavasam etc., again and again and believed them to be real. In this way, I became more religious day by day. I started visiting all the sacred religious places not only in Tamil Nadu but also in the neighboring states like Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. I also lived a life of obedience to my parents.


     There started a storm in our family life, which was calm and serene all those years. Gradually, my father started facing losses. He started selling our properties one by one and invested in the business which ultimately started going downhill. My father who believed in astrology, started going in search of famous astrologers and fortune-tellers, in order to know our future. Since the astrologers told him that there was some sort of a curse in our family, he started hating us. In order to get rid of this curse, we were advised to perform a special Pooja. Accordingly, one whole night all the members of our family had to go round the idol, chanting manthras, and we did , but nothing happened. The situation became worse, and in order to forget the worries, my father got into the habit of drinking alcohol and eventually became a slave to this habit. He also started gambling with his friends, ignoring the business completely. Whenever he was in need of money for gambling, he started disposing the gold jewels and silver vessels. Though I was terrified to see my father in such a condition, I still obeyed him and respected him since I was an ardent follower of Sri Ram and had learnt that Sri Ram always listened to his father and obeyed him.

  Eventually, when our family was pushed to a state where there was nothing to eat, he started disposing the houses and lands. I was forced to discontinue my studies and had to work as a coolie. I used to work from 4a.m till 10p.m. every day and sometimes, he demanded that money too for his hot -drinks.


   The situation in my family made me very sad. I knew for sure that only god could help us from this pathetic condition and started searching for the gods of my forefathers in a very genuine but desperate way. As depicted in some religious movies, I expected the gods to intervene in my family problems and to somehow help my family and my father come out of the terrible mess we were in. I started taking fasts and walked on fire as the customs of our family, cut myself, beat my chest with a sharp knife and shed blood as a sacrifice before the idols. I tied a fire-torch around my waist and danced before the idols with all my strength and might. I also went on pilgrimages to holy places on foot.

   I wore a kaavi dress (orange coloured robe) and every morning and evening went to the temple, lit camphor on my palm and with tears prayed to the idols. Even while working, I changed the slogans and wrote Sri Ramajayam hundred times a day. During the month of November, I used to fast on Saturdays and stand in front of each house in the village, chanting Narayanamoorthi, Narayanamoorthi collecting arms and put into Tirupathi temple hundi. Years rolled by but there was no change still in our family situation. In fact, the situation became worse day by day and I was brokenhearted.


   My father’s drinking habit grew worse. We lost almost all our properties and only the big house in which we lived in, was left behind as our hope. We thought we could sell that house, but to our shock, we had learned that my father had already taken an advance against the house, to meet his expenses for his evil habits like drinking, gambling etc. Later, against our wishes he sold the house for a very cheap rate and we were left without anything and anyone to care for us. The situation in my family pushed me to the drastic decision of committing suicide. I shed bitter tears and my heart was broken terribly since all the gods I was searching all those years had forsaken me. Nobody could console me, even my household gods. What were those gods doing?  Is there a god? These were my major questions.


     I turned my thoughts away from committing suicide and decided to search for the gods as the last chance. At least one of the gods I worshiped would help me, I thought. I started meditating the book of Ramayana written by Rajaji in which he has said that Hanuman would come and help anyone who calls the name of Shri Ram. These lines touched my heart and made an impact on me. So I decided to go on a very strict fast for the next three days, entered the Pooja room, sat down and started chanting Sri Ram day and night, expecting Hanuman to come and help me. On the third day, I became very weak but still did not give up my hope.


   As time passed, my eyes ached and my tongue got stuck to the upper jaw for want of water. My whole body started to burn. I experienced a severe head ache and fell unconscious. The doctors who examined me said that I was stricken with pneumonia and I would not survive. I was happy for I wanted to die and not to live, but I recovered after the emergency treatment. I thought that I was unlucky to be saved from death. I completely lost all the hope and faith that I had in my gods.


   After I recovered from pneumonia, I came to the conclusion that it was not worth seeking the gods anymore. I also felt that it was not worth trying to live a pure and perfect life, since all the gods whom I trusted let me down. I gave up all my religious acts and got into the worldly life. I started watching movies most of the time and also began to hate my father. I thought that he would never get reformed and if he continued to live, he would only make the situation worse. So I decided to kill him. I had already planned to kill him the day after the full moon and was awaiting the movement. I was terribly sorry that I was going to do such a sinful act but could not find any other alternative.


     A Christian friend called Vincent who had studied with me during my younger days met me just a week before I planned to do away with my father. Realizing my pathetic condition, he tried to tell me about the love of Jesus and how he loved the humanity; I refused to listen to him and chased him away for I always hated Christ and Christians. Once I had single handedly chased away people, who came to my village to screen the film of the life story of Jesus. I always felt that Jesus was not the god of our country. He belonged to the Britishers who killed many of our people and ruled over our country. So I hated the very name of Jesus and scolded the friend who was trying to help me.

  But again the next day, the same brother came to me with a Bible and tried to read some verses there saying “Christ Jesus came into this world to save sinners”, “Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”, “the wages of sin is death”, etc., He further said that Jesus is the one and only true God and he died for our sins on the cross and rose again on the third day. He went on to explain that Jesus is alive even today and is so close to me. He would be ready to help me only if I would call upon His Name. I became a very angry and told him that we had hundreds of gods in our own religious books and many gods in our own religion whom I have been worshiping from my childhood and all of them failed me and I did not ever want to come to a foreign god to solve my problems. But this dear brother continued to minister to me and handed me a New Testament.


  On the day prior to the day I had planned to kill my father, the members of my family had gone out. While I was all alone thinking, a new idea struck me all of a sudden. Here, I was someone who always wanted to follow the truth from my childhood, at the cost of anything and now I hear that Jesus Christ is the true god, and suppose it would be true, what shall I do? All these years I had been searching for the gods of my forefathers but why not give just one chance to Jesus. Saying this, I decided to give Jesus a chance.

    Taking the New Testament in my hand, closing all the doors and windows of the house, I started to pray for the first time in my life to Jesus, in Tamil and Kannada. I said “Jesus, they say, You are the one who created, this world, died on the cross for my sins, shedding all your blood, were buried and rose again on the third day and continue to live even today. They also say that this Book was written by you and everything therein is true. Jesus, if what they say is true and if you are the one true god, come and meet me”, I kept on saying this aloud, kneeling straight on my knees for almost an hour. There was no answer. Somehow, I wanted to know the truth. So I kept on saying the same thing kneeling on my knees for another hour, ignoring the pain of my knee. Since there was no answer, I became very weary.


   It was time for my family members to return home. So I started weeping uncontrollably saying, “Is there any god who created me?”. Is there any god who loves me? Should I only become a criminal by killing my father? I took the final decision that even Jesus was not a true god and nothing existed in this world called god. So I had no other option but to kill my father and become a criminal. Saying this I got up from my knees.


   “The Lord is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon him in truth” psalm145:18

       I was much depressed and dejected and all of a sudden a mighty power and light struck me. How would it be, if 1000 watts of electricity should strike a person? With great force I was thrown about 5 or 6 feet up and I started circling the room on my knees. Through that mighty light, Lord Jesus appeared to me fixed to the cross. When a bright light which came from His eyes penetrated my heart, I felt that all my sadness, heavy heartedness, weariness and the thought of killing my father left me. The peace of God filled my heart and I thought that there could not be anyone in the world who could be so happy as I was at that time. I became happy and contented.


   Lord Jesus started talking to me. He asked me, “Son, from today would you live as living testimony for me? I will take you to many places and wherever you go, will you testify me? I told Him, “Jesus, hereafter I will proclaim to the whole world that you are the one true God, without fearing anyone. I further said, “Jesus, from my childhood, I have been worshiping so many other gods but they never appeared to me though I did so many penance before them. But Lord, I have spoken against You, have even tortured those who spoke about you and though I called you just for two hours, how is it possible for you to appear to me? He said, “Son, I am the one who created you, shed my blood on the cross for your sins, died and rose again and how would I forsake you? I am the Lord and these is no other god besides me” I showed Him the New Testament and asked Him whether it was His and the contents therein were true. He said “Yes, This Bible is the truth and it contains My glory and My glorious works, written for mankind, for them to know me” He also further said, “For assuredly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled’’ Matthew 5:18

  As soon as this vision was over, once again I was filled with the power. Unable to bear the Lord’s power any more, I started shouting, “Lord, it’s enough, I am not able to bear Your mighty power”. The Holy Spirit started controlling me slowly. “How much more will your heavenly father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him”. Luke 11:13

   By this time, my family members had returned home. On hearing my shout, “Jesus, Jesus”. Some people on the nearby street had gathered in front of my house. Together they started banging on the door, and when I got up from my knees and opened the door, they were startled to see my slate. Since I was filled with the mighty power and had been circling the room on my knees, my lungi (the piece of cloth worn around the waist) was torn and my knees were bleeding. I explained to them all that happened. My heart was filed with the Mighty Love, peace and joy of the Lord. I met the brother who told me about Jesus and told him all that happened, how I searched for the Lord and how He appeared to me in a Vision. I also told him that I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour and Lord. We both glorified Jesus. Thinking about the Vision of Calvary and about the love of Jesus who come to me, I would have become a criminal and my future would have been doomed. I kept on praising and thanking God for His love


    In the same village where I had been a hindrance to those who preached the gospel, I started preaching the same. I stood in every nook and corner of the village, witnessing that Jesus is the one and only true God. I started going to nearby villages by bicycle or on foot and started sharing my testimony and also distributing tracts people were amazed to see my conversion from a Hindu priest to a Christian and were even perplexed at the boldness with which I preached about Lord Jesus. Everyone started to despise me.


   Some who envied me, complained about me to the heads of our village, who in turn called me and warned me that I must not preach about Jesus. My relatives who never took any notice at us all these days, started approaching me and told to deny Jesus and not to spoil the same of our family. They even went to the extent of threatening me saying that they would never have anything to do with our family and that the future of my elder sisters will be doomed. Unexpectedly, in the midst of some of our relatives, my father fell on my feet and holding them tight cried, “Oh! my son, please deny Jesus. You may go to movies or do any other evil thing like me, but please don’t cling on to this Jesus. The entire village has turned against us and we cannot survive anymore in this village if you don’t deny Jesus”. I was shocked and sad to see my own father holding my feet, pleading me to deny Jesus but at the same time I found that the Holy Spirit strengthened me. When I said that I would never deny the Lord Jesus Christ who gave me real peace and joy, he slapped me with his iron like hands and I almost fainted. He dragged me out of the house and closed the door. I knew that these kinds of tribulations would not separate me from the love of Christ Jesus. (Romans 8:39)

   When I regained consciousness, the Holy Spirit filled me mightily and comforted me, saying, “don’t be afraid, I am with you”. I slept outside my house throughout the night and my family members took me inside the next morning, since they needed my money and wanted me to earn for them.



 “Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer” (Romans 12:12)

   Since I could not pray at home, I used to get up at 4 O’ clock in the morning and go into pray. During the holidays, I used to go to the big mountains near our village and prayed for hours together, kneeling straight on my knees. The Holy Spirit and I became good friends. Since the Holy Spirit filled me with the burden for the perishing souls, I used to pray for hours together with tears for their salvation. I started reading the Bible over and over again and even read about 50 to 60 chapters a day with great concern and dedication. The Holy Spirit spoke to me through His Word and I prayed earnestly that the Book of Acts must become my own experience.

    Amidst opposition from my family, I started attending the service in the nearby village and went into the mountains and forests to pray along with the brothers of assembly. Gradually, our financial situation became better. I started my father’s business once again and my business flourished.


   “If there is a prophet among you, I, the Lord make myself known to him in a vision; I speak to him in a dream (Num.12:6)

  When I drew closer to the Lord, He began to show me visions and took me through such wonderful experience, which gave me unspeakable joy. I tasted the Lord’s love more and more.

   Once the editor of the magazine ‘Herald of His coming!, Bro. Devadasan had Come to the city of Salem  to give the Lord’s message. Some fellow brothers and I attended the meeting and since the meeting ended very late and there was no bus for us to return home, we spent the night in the Bible school, where the meeting took place. At 4 O’ clock in the morning, someone tapped me and woke me up and said ‘pray’. I got up with a jerk and looked everywhere and found none. Everyone was fast asleep. When I knelt down to pray, I understood that the people of the Bible College were worshiping the Lord, and I opened the door and came out to see. To my surprise, all the doors were closed and there was no light in any room. All were asleep but I continued to hear the sound of worship. When I kept listening to that sound, the Holy Spirit made me feel His presence and told me that He was making me hear the angels worshiping the Lord in heaven. My joy knew no bounds and I started glorifying the Lord.


‘For I’ says the Lord; will be a wall of fire all around her, and I will be the glory in her midst”.(Zech.2:5)

    Once, people brought a demon – possessed man to the house of prayer. His hands and legs were tied since he was possessed by many furious demons. The people who brought him said that even the famous magicians from a place called ‘Kolli Hills’ could not help him. When the pastor of the church started praying for him in the name of Jesus, we too joined him in prayers. Those evil spirits started naming them as ‘kaali, Muni, Kateri and so on’. These are the names of some of the gods and goddesses. All of a sudden, the pastor ordered the evil sprits to leave that man and to go into me. I was scared but started praising. The Lord filled with the Holy Spirit. Those evil spirits said that they could not get into me and when asked why, they said that there was a wall of fire burning around me and they couldn’t reach me. I was overjoyed to know that the Lord Jesus Christ was protecting me as a wall of fire. I started praising Him.


   “For I will not dare to speak of any of those things which Christ has not accomplished through me, in word and deed, to make the Gentiles obedient” (Romans 15:18)

  Once when I was repairing the power loom machine, a person called Ramasamy who was working in our factory came running to me and asked me to come with him to a village called Ehapuram. He informed me that a young woman, who had been to the graveyard in the morning to fetch firewood, had fainted and become motionless. The doctors were brought and a lot of money was paid but they declared her dead. The man asked me whether I could help her. I went in search of the pastor but he was not there. Some of the fellow brothers and I reached the particular village which was about 10 km. The inmates of the house were crying and lamenting. She appeared to be really dead to our eyes. But the Holy Spirit told us that it was the work of the evil spirit. So we went into the school building which was near by, closed the door and with folded hands, prayed in the Holy Spirit in one accord for about half an hour. We came back to the house, sent everyone out except a few and prayed for her, binding the Spirit of death in the name of Jesus. A miracle happened at once. Her eye balls rolled back to the normal position and her hands and legs began to move. We made her sit up and loosened her tongue in the name of Jesus. All this happened within a fraction of a second. The people around were astonished and started jumping up and down with joy. One of them said that if only we didn’t go at that time, they would have buried her. Jesus Christ had saved her life. We glorified God and returned home. This woman lives even today. On another day, when Bro, Vincent and I were returning home after praying in the mountain near the village, we saw Umapathy Mudaliar seated in front of his house. This man had tried to commit suicide just a few days before, because of family problems and was saved by the last minute. The Holy Spirit inspired us to speak to him. We took him aside and told him about Jesus Christ. Though he argued for a long time, finally he accepted Jesus as his personal Saviour.


           “So I thought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one”

(Ezekiel 22:30)

             The Holy spirit filled me with a burden for the perishing souls and the to pray for them day and night. I surrendered myself to the Lord and prayed for the nation. The prayer of Moses became mu prayer too. I was on my knees praying, “Lord Jesus bring salvation to India, let the people of India be saved. If not, strike my name from the Boo of Life.”

        When the Lord called me for full time ministry in the year 1984, in order to confirm my calling, I wanted a demand of mine to be met by him.

         My elder brother had run away from home, after a quarrel with my parents and we were not aware of his whereabouts for years together. Hence as the only boy in the family, I was shouldering all the responsibilities of my family. So I asked God that if it His will that I should go for full time ministry, then He should bring my brother back home, so that I could entrust my family to him and go for the ministry. To the surprise of everyone, my brother returned home within a few weeks after my prayer.

          After I received confirmation from the Lord about my full time ministry, when I informed my family about my commitment, they refused to send me. But in order to accomplish the divine call, on 14th June 1985 I left my house just with a set of clothes and my Bible, renouncing all that belonged to me, including my house and power loom factory. By that time  I decided that I would not go to any human being for any of my want and for everything I would only look up to my Heavenly Father, even for my food and shelter, “But what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ” Phill3:8

             In those days, God led me through Bro, Devadasan the editor of the magazine, “The herald of his coming”. I joined him in his ministry in Nagercoil. I stayed in his office. I used to eat just once in two days and spent rest of the time in praying for the salvation of this nation. God started using me in evangelism. I used to attend the service of the Assembly of God which was closer to the office. God used pastor T.G.Boaz to train me in the ministry. I kept reading many spiritual books and also the bible over and again and waited upon the Lord for His guidance in my ministry.


             In 1985, I attended a retreat at Vaigai dam which is in Madurai Dist, with Bro. Devadasan for three days, I was given charge of some important duties of the retreat. After the first day of the retreat, when all had retired to bed after dinner, I finished all the works and got into my room at around 11.30p.m, finished my prayers and went to sleep. All of a sudden, I heard the sound of “salangai” throughout that area. Gradually, I heard the sound coming towards me. I called upon the Holy Spirit to be my helper and knelt down and started to pray. I felt in my spirit that this evil spirit had come in order to steal the blessings of the retreat. After a struggle of nearly one and a half hours, I felt in my spirit the evil spirit leaving that area. Alleluya!.


        I had the greatest desire and burden for the people who bad not heard about the Lord Jesus even once. I found that there were millions of souls in our country who had not heard about the Lord even once. So I cried out to God day and night to open  a way for my ministry amongst such people. God started dealing with me by the following verses. “The coastlands shall  wait for his law” Isaiah 42:4 “Therefore glorify the Lord in the dawning light, the name of the Lord God of Israel in the coastlands of the sea “Isaiah 24:15. And when I fasted and prayed, God clearly spoke to me asking me to go to the Island Andaman.

        When I shared this burden with Bro. Devadasan, he gave me the following three instructions in short. Pray without ceasing, read the Bible over and again, serve, Go. He made the necessary arrangement for me to go to the Andaman Islands, prayed for me and sent me. After spending some days in Chennai and attending Bible classes and getting missionary coaching, I, together with some of the brothers with the burden for Andaman Islands, started our journey in the ship and reached Andaman.

       Since we were totally strangers in the island, we spent two days in the harbor itself. We had to undergo lots of difficulties in the island and with the help of the Methodist pastor. Rev. Lazarus, we got a house for rent and started our missionary work with fasting and prayers. Since we did not have anybody to sponsor us, we had to live on very cheap food like banana and bread always. Owing to the change climatic conditions, each of us, one by one fell sick with the dysentery. But according to His promise, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made my perfect in weakness” II chori12:9. He sustained us. Alleluya!.


          The house where we lived was in a forest area, fare away from the town. The house was built with wooden planks and there were many poisonous snakes and centipedes and many times these insects fell on us but they never harmed us.

         One morning there was a venomous snake which came towards me out of the cooking vessel but the next moment I ran away into the forest through our backdoor and escaped. Praise God! There were many times when snakes fell on us or entered our rooms when we were on our knees praying. Whenever we had to go to places like Luak, Neel Paarattan, we only had to walk the distance. These places were full of the poisonous leeches and whenever we passed these places during the rainy seasons, we faced untold hardships. They just hung on to our legs sucking our blood and our bleeding legs would remind us of the love of our  Lord Jesus who shed His blood for us, and we considered it a blessing to work for the Lord and were even prepared to lay our very life for His sake.

           Due to our ceaseless fasting, prayers and missionary work, from 1985 to 1970 hundreds of souls accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, and joined the church. We were also able to start many house prayer groups and here are some testimonies about the people who were saved through our ministry.


         First, the family of Bro, Robert, name sake Christian who was saved. He was a drunkard and also a notorious person. The people on the streets would temple in fear when they saw this man in the drunk state. Even the shop owners would close down their shops in fear of unwanted problems from him.

      Once when he came home fully drunk, his wife Jeya was cooking and poured the whole pot of rice on his wife which burnt her body. He also kicked off the children who had come for their mother’s rescue. We were praying for him everyday. We would go to his house at very early hours, between4a.m & 6a.m., when he would be sober and tell him about his sinful life, explaining to him that the wages of sin is death and also how our God wanted him to live a pure and holy life. After months of continuous prayers and persuasion and by the grace of God, both the husband and wife were saved. They were also filled with the Holy spirit. His attitude changed drastically and be almost became like a small child. Seeing his changed behaviour, many people were saved. He donated his land worth many lakhs of rupees in puniyabath, in order to build a church. Alleluya! He was a living testimony as to how God changes a person when he/she accepts Lord as his/her personal savior.

         We decided to build a church on the land donated by this brother. We went into the forest, felled trees, carried them on our heads and shoulders and built a small church with a thatched roof. Today there stands a big church in this place where around 300 people gather for worship. Praise God!


       We formed many house prayer groups and prayed. Once, when we were having a house prayer meeting, at the residence of Bro. Devaraj, a person called Kannan came there to leave his child with his wife. After leaving them for the meeting he proceeded to the cinema hall. I requested him to come inside and participate in the prayer. Since he could not refuse, he attended the meeting halfheartedly. He was sitting there without any interest whatever for the session of message and when the session started the Holy Spirit came down on him in a mighty way. And when the Holy spirit touched this brother Kannan, he started weeping an confessing his sins. He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour and surrendered his life completely to the Lord. He was baptized and today he is known as Bro. Samuel and is and active member of that church. When the children of God raise their holy hands and praise God and rejoice in Him, all the barriers around us like the walls of Jericho (demonic powers) fall apart. Alleluya!


        Just opposite to our church, there was a vegetable vender called Saminathan, who was Hindu. He experienced losses in the business and in order to keep his business going, he had to go in for a number of loans. Still his business went downhill and he got into a great debt. Those who lent the money were furious as he was always giving them vague excuses. One day they decided to assault him and came in a vehicle in search of him. But Saminathan in fear of losing his life, took refuge in our church, and begged me to save him. When those people approached me and asked to hand him over to them. I pleaded with them and said that I would take guarantee and repay their loans, for I felt in my spirit that they would kill him if I handed him over to them. They listened to me and left that place without harming him. Saminathan was seated in a corner of the church and crying and trembling in fear. I used that opportunity to tell him about the love of Jesus and His finished work in Calvary. I also told him that Jesus was the only answer to all his problems and if he was willing to hand over his life to him, He would bless him. Following this be gave his life to Lord Jesus Christ.

          And when I told him about the true repentance, water baptism, of the Holy Spirit, the second coming of the Lord and the eternal life, he obeyed the word of God and took water baptism. God started opening many doors of blessing in his life and he came out of all his debts. Eventually he felt that it was better to serve the lord rather than doing earthly business and gave himself for full time ministry. Today he serves as the pastor in charge of Kirubasanam Church of God, in Ramanathapuram Dist. He gives baptism to thousands and works with a great zeal for Lord Jesus Christ, preaching even to the government officials of that district. Those who share their faith with love and good works are able to change the toughest wilderness into a spring of joy and blessing. Alleluya!


      By the grace of God, our ministry was growing. A Pentecost- believer who was living in that area for a long time called me and testified that by our continuous prayers, the evil spirits that were once in that area had vanished and the whole place had become a holy land. The name of Lord Jesus Christ was glorified. But we had to always face the battle with the evil spirits.

       One day a husband and wife called Babu and Padma, who were Hindus, attended the church service. This sister was working in the Army in the MES dept. she had come for the service expecting healing when we laid our hands on her head and prayed, the evil spirits in her made a lot of noise. Through we all prayed, filled with the Holy Spirit, we could not do much. The evil spirit started teasing us. Since we did not know what to do next, we said a prayer and sent her home.

        The next day, we spent a lot of time in prayer in the church and went to her house in order to pray for her. Her husband met us at the door and informed us that the evil spirits in her challenged that they would not leave us alive, if we tried to chase them. Even on that day, we could not get victory over those evil spirits. The eyes of that woman were filled with the spirit of lust and when she looked at us, we, the youngsters did not know what to do, we told them to come for the Sunday service and we got back home. When we prayed about it, the Lord reminded us that this type of evil spirits would only go by fasting and prayers. So the next three days, we fasted and prayed and on Sunday, soon after the service, together with the believers, we prayed for her, kneeling around her. But the evil spirits refused to come out of her and started to argue with us. They said that they would never leave her, before chasing us out of the Island. I felt humiliated and ashamed and began to cry out to God saying, Lord, there is no purpose in myself calling me your child and your servant if I do not take victory over these evil spirits. Immediately, the Holy Spirit came down on the evil spirits as burning fire and they started shouting that the fire was burning them and they could no longer withstand the fire and were leaving. So, saying they remained there only. The people around had gathered in large numbers to witness this. When asked who it was Lucifer himself and he came down specially in order to destroy us,

Since we were working against his dominion and were glorifying Jesus in that place. Still he was furious and told that he would not spare us and would destroy us. When our believers heard the name of Lucifer, they were afraid and withdrew from the place. But I, together with the other servants of God, stood against him saying we did not care who he was and ordered him to leave the woman in the name of Jesus. Finally, the evil spirit left the woman after convulsing her Lord Jesus gave us victory over Lucifer, according to His promise in Luke10:19 “Behold, I give you authority over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you” Ever since, I felt the attack of Lucifer in my ministry in a hidden way, there started problems among the believers and among the servants of God. I too faced sickness and financial problems. At once stage, I felt that it was impossible to continue with my ministry but the Lord who was with Moses was with me and sustained me and gave me victory over all such circumstances.


         Bro. D.G.S. Dhinakaran had come on a vacation to Andaman the next year after his dear daughter’s tragic death. All the servants of God and I requested him to deliver the Lord’s message in a meeting organized by us. He accepted our offer most lovingly and readily. I had the greatest privilege of moving with dear brother in close quarters, during the days he was in the Island. He inquired about me and my ministry with deep compassion and also gave me some valuable advice. I was shocked to see the love and meekness found in him.

         In the same year, we also conducted a crusade in the Island, calling Bro. Devadasan the editor of the magazine, “The Herald of his coming” Bro.Devadasan ordained me as a pastor.


              I was taken aback, when the Lord spoke to me in a vision in the year 1990 to proceed to my own village, where I was born and grew up to be a Hindu priest, I very well knew that a prophet will not be honoured in his home town, and was in great dilemma but obeying God’s will, I came back to my own village. My own family members refused to accept me. I was rejected by my own people and relatives. There was not a single open door for me and  I had to spend three days and nights on the streets. By selling small booklets in public places and in the gates of schools, for 25 paise and 10 paise, I filled my stomach. With much prayer and with great difficulty, I managed to get a small room for rent, stayed there and started my ministry. I visited places where the people did not know about the Lord and preached the gospel to them. I wanted to organize good news meetings and was praying very fervently for the same


                   One day my father called me all of a sudden and handed me Rs. 10,000/- In addition to this money, I sold my bicycle, table fan and watch and organized a good news meeting. In the area where the meeting was organized, the people were under the bondage of various types of sins. Brother Paul and Bro. Peri Paul, Coimbatore shared the gospel to the crowd. Many people heard the good news and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal saviour and were also healed of their sickness.


             On hearing my testimony and seeing my sacrificial ministry, these two men of God, wanted to lift me, in my ministry and introduced me and my ministry to many people known to them. Bro. Jacob Jeyaseelan of Tuticorin bought me a land in order to build the church. We prayed to our heavenly father that our financial needs be met and He miraculously helped us to build a small church in that plot of land. We started the worship in that small church only with three members and thank God, now it has grown into a big congregation of 40 families. Hundreds of families were led into the experience of salvation. We started the extension work of the church afterwards since we are in want of more space for worship. People now come from even 15km away for the worship. I humbly request you to pray for these people who worship in our church and also for the village ministry.


            In the same village, where I opposed preaching of the gospel at one time, God made me preach the same in public along with hundreds of people of God accompanying me, and testifying that Jesus is the Saviour of the World.


         In 1992 when I attended a prayer meeting organized a prayer meeting organized by Bro. Mohan C. Lazarus in Nalumavadi, he accepted me lovingly, though he had never known me before and gave me an opportunity to share my testimony in the meeting. When he prayed for me with a true burden, he prayed for me with a true burden, he prophesied saying. “My son, though abandoned by everybody, you still follow Me with a great zeal and love. I know all the difficulties you face in life because of my gospel and because of your love for me. I shall lift you up and make your name great and those who spoke against you, shall come to you.” This prophesy is fulfilled in my ministry.


        By the grace of God and by the Holy Spirit, I was able to bring out my testimony in the form of a small book in the year 1993. Its was a great blessing to many and in the year 1997, God helped me to release my testimony in the year 1997, God helped me to release my testimony in the form for a cassette. Pastor Charles Aaron of Sharon Assembly of God gave a great helping hand in bringing out this cassette. We thank God for the thousands of letters received from the people, from various parts of India who either read or listened to my testimony.


Besides my village ministry, God also started using me from the year1993 as a speaker in many conventions organized by various churches and organizations. When God started using me, many pastors like pastor Charles Aaron of Sharon AG church, pastor Adam Durai of A.G Church kovilpatti, Pastor Philip of A.C.A Church, Koyambedu, Chennai, pastor Kumaradas of kirubasnam Church, Mumbai and pastor John Kovilpitchai of Nazareth of whole night prayer group, called me and used me in conventions and whole night prayers and fasting prayers.


         Since I read my bible over and again, on

My knees, the Holy Spirit revealed me many hidden treasures of the word of the word of God. I am delighted at the grace of God which has helped me to teach many members of different churches about the Tabernacle with the aid of a drawing, as a part of my ministry.


           Bro. Arulraj and his family, who love our ministry live in Salem. His brother in law, Bro.William, lives in Kuwait with his family. Once, when they  had come to Salem on a vacation, Bro. William’s wife, sister Kamala was found having high fever for quite a long period of time. And since the fever did not subside even after heavy medication, she underwent a thorough clinical check up which revealed that she was having blood cancer. The family was advised to admit her in CMC Vellore and was informed that it would cost several lakhs of rupees for the treatment. Since she had the privilege of obtaining free treatment in Kuwait, she was taken to Kuwait immediately. I had been to Bro. Arulraj’s house the very next day, on my usual house visit and was informed of the plight of sister Kamala. Since Bro. William was involved in God’s started praying for her recovery. I prayed with a great burden. Instantly, the Holy Spirit filled me with His mighty power and He, Himself prayed for me from within me. “Likewise the spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the spirit prayed within me for us with groans which cannot be uttered.” Romans 8:26. The Holy Spirit prayed within me for about an hour for the dear sister. I knew that only the Holy Spirit gave me the words of my mouth and I never used a single word in my flesh. I felt in my spirit very strongly that Lord Jesus had touched her. So I told Bro.Arulraj to inform Bro. William that since many people of God

Prayed for her she would be healed completely and be a witness.

        Indeed, she was healed by His stripes. She recovered completely from the dreaded  disease without any expected deformity or side effects. When she visited India after two years, she witnessed in many churches about her divine healing. Even today she lives with perfect health and happiness, glorifying the Lord by her testimony. Alleluya! I plead to those who read this testimony to submit yourselves to God and pray in the Holy Spirit, suppose you face any such illness, and our God is sure to heal you.


             Finally, dear brothers and sisters, Our Lord Jesus Christ, came into this world with a divine purpose of delivering the humanity from the bondage of sin, sickness and curse and to give them peace and happiness. He shed all His precious blood on the cross, died and rose again for this purpose.

             Keeping the above purpose of God as my goal in my ministry, I will always work with all my heart, spirit and soul to see that the purpose of God is achieved in this country of mine and that His precious blood does not go in vain.


                God our heavenly father, bless all those who read this book of testimony; let the bondages and afflictions in their families be removed and even while reading this book, let the Holy Spirit fill them and work out miracles in their lives. We pray in the name of Jesus. Amen and Amen.

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