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Posted on: 27/02/2015

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I was born in May 28th1968. My name is L. Indrakumaran. My wife name is I. Rukmani. I have two sons. 1. I. Kirubakaran, he is studying 9th std. 2. I. Ruban, he is studying 8th std.

My native place is PERAMBALUR Ė Dist, at a village of Keelapuliur colony, Tamil Nadu. I have father, mother and two sisters. I am the only boy child in my family. I had studied till M.A.

I and my wife were born to a family who hates Christ. Because they were a heathen family (Hindu). At the year of 2000, we accepted Jesus Christ as our only Saviour.

At 1998, we got married. The marriage was held by following the hindu formalities. Before my marriage, when I had been studying in the collage, I knew that who is Jesus Christ. So that, I started to concentrate on the spiritual things. After marriage, I got a chance to know about Jesus Christ. I shared this to my wife also. Jesus gave a good heart to my wife to accept Jesus Christ. But, our family members worshipped the idols made of stones. But, we had neglected such an idol worship, so we have been chased out of my house.

Later, we took a rent house at Tirunelveli-Dist, Tamilnadu, and stayed there. We learned many things about Jesus Christ. Later, we took baptism. During that time, I worked in a private company.

At the year 2000, I faced a terrible accident, my left leg gone to two pieces. So, because of such a problem, I was unable to walk for 2 years and I became bed sick. During that time, Jesus Christ showed me some vision, and called me to do His ministry. But I did not understand it. But, Jesus Christ confirmed this ministry from some unknown God servants. At that time, when I was thinking how to do the ministry and I got fellowship with an elderly godís servant. By getting the fellowship, I did ministry with that man for 4 years. Then later, Jesus Christ separated me from him and made me to do His ministry separately. By obeying His word, I started my evangelical ministry. Till March 2013, I made my evangelical ministry by moving to many places. In between at 2004, I joined an evangelistís meeting. At the end of the meeting, the head preacher who had arrange the meeting came to me and told that Jesus tells you to move to a hilly region and do the church ministry. But, I did not consider that, as a big matter. But continuously, I did the evangelical ministry. Later at the year 2009, Jesus Christ spoke to me through a vision, by saying, that you should start a church in Ooty which in situated in Tamil Nadu at South India. Not only he spoke to me by vision but also he showed the place in which I should start the church. At that time also, I did not consider this. Continuously I did that evangelical ministry. Later at the year 2012, Jesus Christ spoke to me in many ways and told me to start a church at Ooty and make the people repent from the idol worship to make them live in a spiritual life.

I prayed to lord and asked him that why do you call me to do this ministry? And Jesus Christ told that I chosen you in such a way and reminded some incidents to me.

When I was studying 4thstd, I got a Christian friend. Both of us lived friendly. My father hated my Christian friendship. During that time, he usually calls me to have lunch at his house. A number of days, I ate in his house. This matter had gone to my father about eating in a Christian house. So, because of this mater, my father instructed me, not to go to any Christian house, not to buy anything from them and not eat in their house. But, I did not consider my fatherís word and made my relationship with him and his mother loved me very much.

Once I was eating in their house, my father saw me, then he brought me to my house. Later, he made me naked and bound me with chain and beat me with a belt, till his temper ends, but my mother also did not show pity on me to save me. From 2 pm to 4 pm, I was laid naked on the floor. Later at 4 pm, the students were leaving school to go their houses. At that time when the students came to know what my father had done, and so they came there to know that whatís going on. Every one gathered around me. At that time, my father told the students to spit on me, and so they did as my father commanded. But I did not react anything. Till 6 pm I am unable to burden such a pain and shame and became crying. At that time also, my mother showed no grace on me. Later, when my grandmother came to know about this, she came to my house and quarrelled with parent. After that, made me free from that chain.

Later after some months, my father sold me as a slave to a rich man. My family became rich and there was no poverty in my house. My father done this due to the temper on me. The man who bought me was a rich man. He used me to take care of his cows and made collect itís dung. After collecting the dung, he will not give water for me to wash my hands. In such a way, I worded as a slave for 3 years. But my family members did not even look after me. Many days I have cried lonely. At that time, my age is 10. I had never enjoyed the love of a father and mother.

Later after 3 years, my grandmother and my uncle brought me from that rich man to my house. Because of this. I was unable to study for 3 years. At that time, I did even had the idea of studies. Whenever I did a very small mistake, my father used to punish me severely.

When I was struggling what to do? At that time, I came to know that an organization named Bethel Boys Home. Their staffs came to our colony (Village) to join children for their hostel. So, I moved to them and asked them that ďcan I join in your hostel?Ē But they replied that the person in between the age of 8 will be taken, but you are at the age of 10, so you cannot join it. I begged at their pardon to join me at the hostel. By godís grace, I had been joined at the hostel. In such a way Jesus Christ chose me to his ministry also by teaching guitar and keyboard. But, my father punished me after my marriage and till I come out from my house. But I did not write it here. My father is a hindu terrorist. But still now heís in the same manner. After coming from own house we had passed 5 years. During that time, after such days, we thought of telling Jesus Christís love to our father and mother. So, I, my wife and 2 sons went there. During that time, my elder son was 3 and Ĺ years old and younger son was 2 years old, at that time l left my sons and wife in my parentís house and went for a ministry. 10 days later after finishing my ministry, I returned to my own village. At that time when my wife saw me in the house, she rushed to me and told me that, we must return to our house. Because of the angry on us, he burnt our elder sonís finger with a cigar and it caused a wound in his finger and my wife showed the wound to me. By seeing such a cruel work of my father, I was grieving about it, and did not ask about this incident with my father. But we are praying for my parent every day.

And again, I prayed to the lord that why my life had gone with such incidents? So, Jesus Christ replied that, I have chosen you to do my ministry like Joseph. Now, 16 years passed. I had made my life far away from my parent. Still now my father, mother and my 2 sisters did not search for me. And my wifeís family members did not search for us. If Jesus Christ did not separate us from them, we will also live as a blind man in the earth. Till Jesus Christ had did so many good to us and we are doing godís ministry with a thankful heart.

By obeying His words, we thought that we should not delay, so at 6th April 2013, we shifted to Ooty. Nilgiris-Dist, Tamil Nadu. Now, we are taking effort to start a church. Now, 2 years are going to finish. Because of not getting a good place to start a church, but we are doing our worship in 4 places at our believers house. They are 1. Bishop Down, 2. Riching Colony, 3. Dunmere, 4. Fern Hill. By considering these 4 places, we have totally 21 believers. Now, I laid my faith in Jesus Christ and am doing my ministry. We are trying to take a place for leash. If we take a place for leash, we will be able to gather all the believers we have got. Here, I and my wife are doing full time ministry. Please pray for us.


Name of the ministry: LOVE OF TRINITY MINISTRY

E. Mail address; rukmaniinther@gmail.com

Postal Address; L. INDRAKUMARAN







Contact No; 99 52 61 55 41.

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